Can I take a little break to go dance?

Hassle-free and nearby?

dance at studio
To dance is to celebrate life.
Why couldn't we celebrate anywhere, at any time?
Take a little break and join us in movement.
You may find us right around the corner!
Couple's dance at the park
Ahh to dance.
Flutters in the stomach until you build up the courage.
When you least expect it, you're having the time of your life.
flash mob
Have you seen our latest flash mobs?
If not, you've got to see people's faces!
Flash mobs startle people out of their dreams,
and remind them about what really matters in life.
Come join the fun!
dancing in the sunset
There are literally hundreds of types of dance
(the Philippines alone has over 60, Turkey about 80)
but what's right for you?
Partner dancing? Choreographed or improvised dance?
How about just moving as a meditation and expression of your being?
It depends which way you're wanting to grow, to enjoy life.
Finally, here's a community diving deep into it all.
Come join the dance!

What we
work towards


Dance your way to the Dance

To dance is to celebrate life. Going out to dance shouldn't be an ordeal. Our dancing communities are growing fast, and are taking it beyond the dance floor, shaking and grooving our way into everyone's hearts and minds.

Play sounds

Exploring new rhythms

Whether you're an expert or a beginner, there's always new forms of dance to explore. Mix things up with our dance curators, journeying from disciplined dances to creative movements into your heart.


Flash mobs for flash awareness

Imagine the power of flash mobs, getting ever bigger and better organized, raising awareness in the most ingenious ways possible. Is there anywhere we can't be, anything we can't change? Prepare to be surprised.

Dance Lovin Community

Join us on an adventure.

Communities with a purpose transforming the world.

We're lovin it. You will too.

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Gathering spontaneously, just to express ourselves – for movement is life.